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        "Dearwarm" My dear, warm --- only can not live up to the love and warmth, is the idea;
        "Delvaux" Shuter first and then have the harvest, is to uphold the principle.

        A she, a he. In addition to that room and another simple hut, no more they may have. Cold winter, cold hands and feet of her, laundry and cooking still busy. He was distressed, she said, this winter is very cold, but love water saturation. He was a good warm bed and warm up her cold feet, very guilty and said, I want you after winter, the warm sun shines there. She smiled. But this winter, after one, two ...... approaching ten, he was still rushing busy, she still firmly waiting. Finally, she wait until the tenth winter, she felt his promise of winter in the warmth of spring in the warm home. She said that only a request to this warm home products named dearwarm, so that winter is no longer cold, so that the world of women and their families shared dearwarm warmth. He looked at her bright eyes to encourage trust and warm happy smile, she was crying.

        A warm ten million brand was born.

        Warm commitment, from love. Wait firm, from love. Warm ten million, from love. The great love lasting forever, spur dearwarm on warm roads, unshaken, warm Chuan million, becoming warm and warmth messenger deliverer. Delvaux sauna successful launch and market highly recognized, so that we no longer need the warmth of demands long wait. Since its inception, Delvaux will continue to advance its scientific and technological innovation and development of human health reform, every saunas, each timber, every detail is permeated with a warm atmosphere and love the fragrance. Together Delvaux sauna, selection of material, skillful techniques, and dearwarm great love for distributing light of the glory!

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        The company: Room 1501-1502, 15th Floor of ShengJing International Building, No. 43, Erhuan West Road, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
        The production base: Jiangsu province Xuzhou Peixian Zhang Zhen Canal Road No.
        The telephone number: 0516-6166-1678
        The enterprise Fax: 0516-8562-9988
        The Taobao shop: https://dearwarmsauna.taobao.com
        The wealth hotline: 400-6030-979
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