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        ABOUT US

        Company Profile Company Culture Power Production Research Efforts Brand Story Honor

        Leading technology, to lead the future!
        ◆ breakthrough
        ◆ moved, loyal heart
        ◆ Premier
        "Dearwarm" My dear, warm --- only can not live up to the love and warmth, is the idea;
        "Delvaux" Shuter first and then have the harvest, is to uphold the principle.
        "Breakthrough" symbol Delvaux inner spiritual metaphor, informality in the heart, the release of nature.
        Moving often, informality in the heart, but loyal inner quiet, bright.
        Noble, rooted in the heart of the elegant, inherent atmosphere. All to customer demand as the center, the professional responsible and consistent.
        Enterprise mission: Chinese-made quality, build quality for the world, to serve the community. Set intelligence, science and technology, health as one for every family's health escort!
        Corporate vision: to do China's best enterprise sauna
        Employees in the eyes of the most attractive companies
        Social commitment, harmony and win-win
        Core values: to create value integrity, respect for the achievements of win
        The spirit of enterprise: Creating breakthrough innovation beyond

        Contact us
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        The company: Room 1501-1502, 15th Floor of ShengJing International Building, No. 43, Erhuan West Road, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
        The production base: Jiangsu province Xuzhou Peixian Zhang Zhen Canal Road No.
        The telephone number: 0516-6166-1678
        The enterprise Fax: 0516-8562-9988
        The Taobao shop: https://dearwarmsauna.taobao.com
        The wealth hotline: 400-6030-979
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