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        Name:Single tourmaline Khan, steam room

        Time:2016-2-15 16:30:47

        product name:Single tourmaline Khan, steam room

        Model: DW-X801

        Size: 0.9 * 0.9 * 1.9 (m)

        Material: Imported Canadian hemlock

        Control System: micro-computer control panel

        Music system: high-end car MP3 speakers

        Support system: anion oxygen bar

        Heating system: far-infrared heating film, far infrared light tube, far infrared energy bio-spectrum combination plate

        Health System: full-tourmaline tourmaline backrest

        Foot Health Systems: Biological spectral energy plantar plate and the perfect combination of tourmaline tourmaline

        Security systems: all imports of leakage protection, steel safety glass door

        Humanized System: vents, towel racks, News Stand, cup holder

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