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        1. Aerobic cold sweat sauna

        Medical research shows that body temperature 1 ° c, the human immune system will be increased by 30%; the contrary, hypothermia immunity will fall. 36.8 ± 0.34 ° c, the standard value of the body's normal to ask questions, but most modern people as a small movement, work pressure, poor diet, late at night, and other reasons, the majority of the human body more than a phenomenon of cold, normal body temperature is also more in 35 ° C-36 ° C, this '' low temperature '' is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, an important reason for the high incidence of menopausal disorders light conditions, so to speak, low temperature change is an urgent matter, and therefore Delvaux We appeal to everyone, achieve the purpose of prevention and improvement of body temperature by thermotherapy.
        Delvaux aerobic sauna is a combination of aerobic exercise the body the most comfortable form of sauna. It is the body in the case of an adequate supply of oxygen for cell movement. That sauna process, inhaled oxygen and demand are equal, to achieve physiological equilibrium. In simple terms, a sauna, a constant aerobic exercise, heart rate maintained at 150 beats / min, then the blood can supply enough oxygen myocardium; Features: low intensity, rhythm, duration longer. Oxygen to fully burn the body of sugar, fat consumption, enhance and improve heart and lung function, prevention of osteoporosis, psychological adjustment and mental state, Delvaux is the smart sauna most recommended form.

        2. Light of Life aging

        Delvaux combines the osmotic effect of far infrared resonance effect, thermal effects, "cold sweat technology", "Optical massage techniques" to double 5.6-15 microns bionic far infrared absorption and systemic, which is called infrared the "light of life" can produce resonance with the cell, breathe enough oxygen, promote metabolism, remove toxins, to relieve the pressure, the effectiveness of the beauty regimen.
        ① osmotic effect: far-infrared can penetrate human skin surface to reach the skin 4 --- 5 millimeters at a direct role in the deep body, replenish cellular energy of life, regulate bodily deep physiological functions.
        ② resonance effects: the body's normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees, equivalent to a wavelength of 9.36 micron far infrared. The human body can produce resonance, stimulate the body movement of water molecules, oxygen and increases blood flow, promote metabolism and overall improve the human microcirculation.
        ③ thermal effect: far-infrared can warm the body, consumption of excess calories, to achieve the desired effect of perspiration, activated water molecule toxins and excess fat will be excreted with the sweat.

        3. Intelligent Systems' Health

        Dear Warm brand far infrared sauna use intelligent micro-computer control system, the temperature of 18-65 degrees Celsius adjustable, touch the thermostat, MP3 multi-function player, real-time display of temperature, time, fault alarm, leakage protection devices, carbon-dimensional heating plate close to zero harmful radiation, zero pollution, zero noise, E1 formaldehyde emissions in line with national standards, safe and reliable, to create optimal conditions for health health.

        4. energy-saving and environmental protection enjoy security

        Dearwarm Royal brand series of far infrared sauna uses carbon nano heating panels, long service life: 100,000 hours lifetime breakthrough. Energy: electric conversion efficiency close to 1: 1. Environmental protection: the choice of one of nature's most stable elemental carbon as a heating material, so it does not produce emissions and effluents and other pollutants. Security Breakthrough: International Protection Safety Rating 7, IP × 1 ~ IP × 7, conventional heating material, by all means do waterproof, can only reach four, while the carbon crystal plate is 7, that can soak in water use. In addition to the electrode portion, other parts of the part laid bare, broken and can work properly. In conclusion, let Delvaux your family's health and safety escort.

        5. Installation is simple, full service

        Dearwarm brand sauna into an integral assembly and six type assembly that is monolithic assembly machine shipments, the middle removable in two parts, install two minutes easy to get. Six type assembly and easy transportation home delivery storage space options, wood assembled form simple and flexible. Company production, marketing, sale as one, 400 full-service telephone twenty-four hours tracking guidance, look forward to your participation!

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